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Al Dickman

Some might say I’ve had an eclectic career, but everything I’ve done has had a creative focus. So just for the record, I’ve been a Creative Director, Managing Director, Innovation Specialist, Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner, a TV Commercials Director, a Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, an Inventor, a Trainer in Emotional Intelligence, Sales, Conflict Management and consider myself a Persuasion and Influence Expert.

In all of our work our prime objective is to help you maximise lifetime customer value.Three Wise Monkeys is a Business consultancy that specialises in Creative Thinking. Using our proprietary creative process I.D.I.E.A. we can help you Reinvent, revitalise, and re-energize your brand and even your people.

As Brand Engagement Specialists our services can include helping you create new products and services, train your team to be more innovative, develop your brand strategy and create advertising campaigns that differentiate you.

Our creativity is never self indulgent, while awards are great for the ego, our focus will always be on your bottom line. That is the only real measure of success of any marketing initiative.

You can choose to work with us as your creative agency or we can work with you and your existing ad agency as you prefer.

Because collaboration is the key to greater success, we run workshops to help you explore and discover insights about your customers, your brand and how you can differentiate yourself by engaging the consumer on an emotional level.

Who are the three wise monkeys? Well originally there were 3 partners.
However one fell madly in love and moved back to the UK, and the other is semi retired, though I suspect that’s more about wanting to surf most days.

So in 2011 I bought out my partners and now it’s me as all three wise monkeys, that’s me Al Dickman in the picture top left.

That’s not to say it’s just me of course because there’s a huge network of talent that I work with, both here in New Zealand but also in the UK and the Middle East.

If you’d like to know more about me and check my credentials please click here.

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