Developing Business Creativity

business creativity

Developing mental flexibility, enables you to outthink your competition and be more innovative.

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Are you a Leader or a Follower?
Copying your competitors success’s is the easy option but if you want to create a long term competitive advantage – you must be the innovator in your category.

Is creative thinking a core competency within your business?

All of the iconic brands that have ever existed, came about because someone had a brilliant idea. That person was usually the man or woman who started the business. These people were often regarded as ‘Mavericks’ people who did things differently.

So when was the last time you came up with an idea that excited you?
What processes do you have in place that makes innovation a Key Performance Indicator for your people?

Most crucially, just how good are you at developing new products that differentiate you and make you money?

We can help you by training your team in creative thinking techniques and even help you set up an Innovation Team. Companies that have embraced the skills and techniques from these creative workshops have enjoyed consistent success in NPD and in devising innovative business strategies.

Unfortunately research shows that too many companies spend most of their innovation efforts reacting to changes forced upon them, rather than inticipating change.

Even better is to instigate change by creating breakthrough products or services that disrupt the market and positions you as the innovator in your category.

Not anticipating change means that valuable opportunities to innovate are being lost because these organisations are spending the majority of their time playing catch-up to the changes happening around them, which leaves you vulnerable to more innovative competititors.

In addition, some organisations are still relying on a hit-and-miss approach to innovation rather than being strategically driven, which works against them in the long-term. Others use a ‘wait and see’ approach to innovation by watching their competitors and copying successful initiatives.

The risk here is allowing your rivals to develop a sustainable competitive advantage over you.

For innovation to occur in a systamatic manner rather than just as a “one off” lucky break, leaders need to focus on creating an environment that allows innovation to come to life as part of the day-to-day operations of the company and to focus on creativity.

Innovation is not simply thinking up new ideas, but is the end result of a robust process (such as I.D.I.E.A.) that is integrated throughout an organisation.

Setting up an ‘Innovation Team’ is the ideal way to implement change. Because once people see the success that ‘new thinking’ can achieve, the attitude can permeate throughout the entire organisation.

So the question is, are you a Leader or a Follower?

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