My Credentials

not greedy

I’m not greedy, the proof? I’ve spent hundreds of hours on projects that have given me no income,
all because I am passionate about creativity. If I help you solve a problem, all I expect is my fair share.

My passion is creative problem solving and I am especially inspired by the opportunities for brands on the internet.
As for my credentials. To be honest this is where it gets complicated, as you might have seen from the caption under my photograph on the About us page, my background is so varied. However I’ve spent the majority of my career in the creative industries.
Creative Director for 9 years and Managing Director for nearly 3 years of an Omnicom agency with 133 employees in the UK.

I’ve appeared on TV many times, including live on the BBC (an experience that redefines fear) as a communication expert and I’ve made numerous appearances on national radio.

In 1999 I set up an Innovation Consultancy called TRUTH in the UK, and worked with multi-national companies to improve their communications, develop new products, manage organisational change and train people in Creative Thinking techniques.

I studied psychology and later trained as a therapist dealing with emotional issues, and qualified as a Master Practitioner in Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP in 2003.

In 2004 I emigrated to NZ with my wife and 3 sons. And for the first 2 years concentrated on therapy but was soon lured back into advertising.

As a creative consultant I’ve worked with most of the bigger agencies in New Zealand, before setting up Three Wise Monkeys.

I’ve also directed well over 250 TV commercials and have created 2 expert
‘How to’ DVD’s currently sold on Amazon.

As an Inventor I also have 2 products sold online. One is an anti-shark device, the other a Fly Fishing gadget.

There’s a lot more to say but for now let’s leave it at this. Already I might have confused you but the common denominator in all of these activities is creativity.

As a Creative your biggest challenge is staying passionate, being intensely
curious helps for sure, but if I was to say what my biggest strength was, it would have to be my ability to understand other people from their point of view.

To be fair this has taken 25 years to develop because previously I have to
confess to being ego centric.

It’s a sad fact of life that you have to wait until it’s almost too late to grow up.

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