Reinvent or reenergize?


‘Think like a child’ is one of the most powerful creative thinking techniques you can use.


We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
Albert Einstein

If you want to rethink, reinvent or reenergize your brand, perhaps it’s time to start thinking like an inquisitive 3 year old.

In fact from a creative problem solving point of view, ‘Think like a child’ is one of the most powerful creative thinking techniques you can use.

Young children ask questions in an innocent, yet persistent way. A young child also has no real sense of ego and therefore doesn’t concern itself with asking so called stupid questions, questions that might also be difficult and embarrassing. Questions that usually lead to genuine ‘Aha’ moments.

This is just one of the techniques we use as part of our I.D.I.E.A. process.
My favourite technique and in my view the single most successful ways of coming up with breakthrough ideas is, Random input. This technique has consistently been the most powerful AND fun ideation tool I have ever used in hundreds of client workshops.

Just in case you’re thinking you are tired of ‘Brainstorming’ sessions, I can assure you that I.D.I.E.A. is a totally different process and is guaranteed to deliver exceptional results.

You can of course set us a brief and leave us to come up with the answers,
but for best results, we prefer to work in collaboration with you and use workshops.

Why? Because we are all creative thinkers and can inspire ideas in others.

If you think about it all of the iconic brands that have ever existed, came about because someone had a brilliant idea. That person was usually the man or woman who started the business.

Ideas can come from anywhere, a chance remark can spark a thought, that can lead to breakthrough ideas.

Yet in advertising agencies it tends to be the creative teams that ‘own’ idea generation and win all the plaudits and the coveted creative awards for coming up with an idea. But this ignores the person who wrote the brief/strategy and let’s not forget the clients input.

We believe YOU as the client have to be intimately involved in the creative process. Bringing your experience of your brand and customer and combining that with some very powerful creative thinking tools/techniques to lead to big ideas.

It’s this collaborative process that leads to the greatest success and yes, I can prove it!

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