Congratulations you are the curious type


Brands should behave like the fabled ‘Three Wise Monkeys’. See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil.


The empowered consumer has enforced new rules for us marketers, the most important is: ‘Do everything you can to engage and build trust’.

Recent discoveries in Neuroscience tells us that curiosity is linked to above average intelligence.So why are we called Three Wise Monkeys?
Well apart from the fact it’s quirky, and a bit cheeky, I also feel it’s the perfect name for what we stand for.

Brands should behave like the fabled ‘Three Wise Monkeys’. See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil.

Because if we are really honest with each other, we know that exaggeration, hype, manipulation, spin, are tools we have always used to some degree in marketing. You know it, and the customer knows it, which is why they rarely trust advertisers claims.

In fact research giant Nielsen carried out extensive research into ‘Trust in Advertising’ and in presenting the findings they manipulated the results in favour of ad agencies and big spending brands.

For obvious reasons I can‘t give the details here but would be delighted to share this information with you when we meet.

Quite how such a respected company thought they could get away with this is beyond me.

Surely everyone knows that the internet has shifted the balance of power in favour of the consumer. Transparency and authenticity is crucial if we are to gain the trust of our customers. Having said that some brands still don’t understand the new rules and attempt to manipulate their customers – but they get found out, just ‘Google’ Cadburys, Telecom and Ribena in NZ, for examples of how it can go horribly wrong.

In the past when people have asked me what I do I replied,
“I’m a Professional liar”. When they found out it meant ‘in advertising’ they would laugh. The truth is I always felt uncomfortable with the reputation we had in advertising/marketing. So now that a quick search via Google will expose brands that don’t deliver on promises, I feel genuinely excited. Today success doesn’t come to just those with the multi million $ advertising budgets, but to those companies that offer outstanding service and quality products.

The big question is ‘Do you really understand your customers and do you truly enage them on an emotional level?’

If you can’t say for certain, call us today and see how our I.D.I.E.A.
process can impact on your business.

Being the cheeky type I’d say transform your business.

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